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The main address for your own personal contact, questions, concerns, etc.



95% of the time, we get one of the following three questions.  Here are your answers:

Do you have <insert item here> in stock or for sale ??

Answer:  Check the Store section section of the site.  Everything left in stock is
for sale there.  If it's not listed there, we have none left, or have never produced such an item.
Our distributors may have some left, however.  See our distributors on the home page, righthand side.

Will you (or do you) have any plans to make (or re-run) <insert reproduction suggestion here> ??

Answer:  Check the Request page for playfields, Check the Art Team page for active artwork being worked on. If it's not shown on either of those pages, then it's not reached 75%+ drawn on the artists' agenda, or not in our queue at all.  We make what the Art Team chooses to draw (they do all the hundreds of hours per project, so it's rightfully their choice to pick what they enjoy drawing).  We/they aren't taking requests.  Sorry.
As for re-runs, they will barely ever ever ever happen.  So pretty much, no.  It's new releases for the next many years.

When is <listed reproduction project shown under an artist> going to finally get produced ??

Answer:  Submitted artwork, or artwork still being worked on, will eventually get done. We move through the projects in a fairly random fashion - trying to "spread the love" amongst different artists, genres, and projected demand.  So we'll always mix it up between glass, plastic, or playfields...70's, 80's, or 90's... old submissions, new submissions, and "hot" submissions that must be done immediately.  We're all over the place.  As far as when a specific item will be made?  There is really no good answer worth giving, because things change on a weekly and monthly basis here.  No sense making a projection or promise we cannot keep.  Sorry it's not a tighter outlook.