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2018 Re-Run CAVEATS

We consider it necessary to disclose our quality findings with the 2018 ES glass re-run.

This glass re-run was produced with an oldschool rubylith hand-drawn, hand-cut film set from 2010.
The original 2010 run was superb, but we had hoped deterioration of the films would not be an issue.
We laid down each color layer, one by one, over the course of many weeks.  As the image finally
revealed itself at the very end (white layer going on the back) - we could see that the artwork in totality
was not as good as we had hoped for this time around.  Thus, the glasses are not up to our normal standards.

While the glasses are vivid and beautiful, and most certainly fine at a distance of a few feet,
we must make it clear that these will NOT be perfect if put to UP-CLOSE scrutiny.  See below.

The glass will now be offered at a further discount, as a combo with the ES playfields.
We're dropping them another $50 in price.  (pricing them ~$150 each, + shipping)

MIRRORED AREAS have arrays of tiny pinholes.  Visible up close.  Not from player position.

Rubylith films had sag and loosened patterns in places, making orientation of some fills
not sit within their cartoon blacklines.  This is most apparent in the power lines.
The rest of the glass is predominantly fine, and solid fill patterns registered well.

HICKEYS - glasses may have 1 to 5 "hickeys" where there are tiny spots where the
liquid ink is thinner in random places.  The above is an extreme example.
You really have to hunt for them, but this must be disclosed.