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E X C L U S I V E   C O N V E R S I O N   K I T   O F F E R I N G

Concept, Design, and Artwork by Stuart Wright,  CPR Art Director



This will be a complete conversion kit for Bally Vector
with an entirely new ruleset / ROM programming.
After years and years in the making, Stuart Wright has brought this completed, production-ready project to the table at CPR.  We have accepted the challenge, and are now pleased to announce that we can finally reveal this project to the hobby.


This page will take a close-up look at the current state of the project as it sits now, waiting for production.  Lots of detailed photos will reveal the designs and prototypes that are now considered final.  For a deeper look at the background story behind the years of design put into this project, Stu has put together a documentation package (PDF) that can be viewed/downloaded here ---->

Downloadable PDF  (click above)


No.  This is not a Led Zeppelin pin.  Please see Stu's documentation above.  95% of the artwork for this project is by Stu's own hand & mouse.  However, unavoidably, we did have to buy publishing rights (and paid dearly) for pieces of band photography from a commercial stock photo agency.  Furthermore, we will not be allowed to have the sound card pre-loaded with anything except our our own custom sound pack (recorded in a Halifax home studio).  The sound card WILL be easily re-loadable, so the likely after-market creation of hobbyist-traded sound packs will undoubtedly be the norm.  Sorry, we can't provide any Led Zeppelin music or sounds.  With recent events in the hobby related to unlicensed projects crashing and losing investors a ton of money, we wanted to be up front about the boundaries & logistics of this very unique project.

Here is a quick look at what the Hammer of the Godz kit will involve

We'll take a closer look at the individual artworks further down ...


CPR will be selling the main components. 
Our package will contain the dual playfields, the dual backglasses, and the 2 plastics sets.
A one-time, collectable, short-run, boutique production.

$1699 USD

Sold separately (game-specific options) by other producers:
HoTG Cabinet Decal Set
The HoTG alphanumeric display
The HoTG digital sound card
Customized HoTG purple apron, legs, side rails
HoTG drop target decals
HoTG new custom laser cut ramps

Sold separately (further options) by the common distributors:
Alltek Ultimate MPU (and other boards)
Purple posts, flipper bats, etc.
Colored rubbers



Stu's previous experience with taking conversion kit games to the "ultimate" level have dropped many a jaw
in the hobby.  Those who are familiar with his Sexy Girl and Miss World restorations know that it's not simply
about cleaning a game up.  Stu goes the extra 100 miles with complete wrapping of the body in custom one-off
cabinet decals, painted wood, powder coated metals, toppers, and embellishments.  Of course, the freshest in
parts he can find too.  From repro "everything" to NOS.  The Hammer of the Godz kit will provide the same level of
Stu's passion for an "ultimate" rebuild of an old game.  Now instead of being a one-off, this CPR offering will allow
dozens of pinheads to have a rebuild of this caliber in their lineup.  While the kit will provide the most crucial
components of the conversion, there will be no doubt that each owner will be able to go as "crazy" as they
want in embellishments ... whether more conservative ... or all the way, like Stu has in the past.

Stu's  Miss World restoration, alongside Sexy Girl  -  note cabinet wrap and metals

Stu's finished Sexy Girl - with the unmistakable "Stu Touch"


H A M M E R   O F   T H E   G O D Z

Since it's a Vector conversion , Hammer of the Godz will require a double playfield, and is
designed to take your Vector wiring loom directly, for a swap requiring no rewiring or modification.


H A M M E R   O F   T H E   G O D Z

Smack dab in the middle of the playfield is an embedded window, which Vector used for
a bonus display.  Stu has made sure that Hammer of the Godz will take full advantage of that
window feature ... meaning it will house a brand new customized X-Pin alphanumeric display!

The display will operate somewhat like a HUD ("Heads Up Display"), and provide text-based messages
and information that are integrated into game play and the ruleset.

More details on this later, as the design of this display is currently ongoing with X-Pin.

Stu's biggest dream of all - is to be able to enter your initials (for high score) into a classic Bally game platform.


H A M M E R   O F   T H E   G O D Z

Taking advantage of the Vector head design, Hammer of the Godz will feature a double-backglass
assembly providing a stunning dual-layer "3D" effect.  Above is a mockup of the two glasses together.
Below are the two separate backglasses.  Mirroring is represented by the pale grey.

Inner backglass

Outer backglass



H A M M E R   O F   T H E   G O D Z

The Hammer of the Godz plastics set will include all necessary pieces and new clears.
Bonus pieces include a large blimp topper, custom coin door inserts, custom key fobs,
and of course one of Stu's famous "3D Desktop Display" assemblies.

Each kit will include TWO COMPLETE PLASTICS SETS by default, so everything is doubled.
Since this production will only happen once, we thought ahead to the future - in case anything
ever broke, it wouldn't be a world of "unobtanium" plastics... as each owner will have two.


H A M M E R   O F   T H E   G O D Z

Using factory Vector playfields as a starting point, Stu has made sure to take Hammer of the Godz out of the
computer and into physical form whenever possible, working with real-life prototype setups.  This has allowed the
overall look & feel to be tweaked to Stu's satisfaction, as well as look for any physical or fitment conflicts.

Here is a gallery of the prototype-in-progress as it looks today.  Artwork is professionally printed on overlays for now.
Plastics are made from decals on PETG for now.  Stu has also experimented with post colors, etc.
As far as artwork and design goes, everything you see is final.  However, this section will feature updated photos in
months to come, as the mission to assemble a completely dressed game on legs is ongoing at Stu's studio.


H A M M E R   O F   T H E   G O D Z

For those of you that are wondering why we are releasing Hammer of the Godz
ahead of the long awaited Lost Vegas conversion kit, here is the back-story...

        The Hammer of the Godz project is something that Stu has been working on for the past
4+ years.  Stu was not involved in the original Lost Vegas Team and hence had nothing to do
with the project.  The Lost Vegas project was essentially on the back-burner until we could come up with a new plan, which never really happened.  Then a few years back Stu was made a partner
in CPR and the Art Director for CPR.   Stu was on the Pre-Order list for Lost Vegas and wanted to build one of these machines, but like everyone else, he figured the project was taking too long.

So Stu took it upon himself, Mike and Kevin totally unaware, to pick up where Lost Vegas left
off and start a new design based upon the existing theme that had been put forth.... Stu did
up a tight pencil drawing of what he envisioned the Lost Vegas backglass should look like
based upon the original concepts.  Stu sent the drawings to Mike & Kevin for a review and
got back what can only be described as an awesome review and hence the project is now
back on track.  Stu is going to do all of the backglass artwork himself. Once the backglass artwork
is complete Stu will move forward with the playfield & plastics designs...

In a nutshell, Hammer of the Godz sprinted to the finish line and beat Lost Vegas to release.


H A M M E R   O F   T H E   G O D Z

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