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The CPR Cyclone Custom TOPPER !  This clown was taken from original Cyclone promo artwork as seen at the top
of this page.  This monster of a topper stands about 17 inches tall and matches the plastic set color scheme.
Cut extremely cool with transparent PETG trim.  We left the eyes transparent - for creative ideas (leave as-is, or get into illumination!)

A closeup look at the topper cut lines.

The massive 20.25 inch backboard plastic is included in the repro set, to assure all your major plastics match.

Probably two of the coolest promo pieces in pinball history - the two Cyclone clowns.

Next to the Spook House plastic, probably the next most desired piece in the set.  This is broken on almost all Cyclones.
Sometimes the bottom (green) portion entirely missing !