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Artwork by STUART WRIGHT, CPR Art Team


Miss World has an interesting and tragic backstory.  Originally designed to be a conversion kit for Bally KISS, a single routing flaw
in the playfield design (the ball trough cut positioning on the apron) made it impossible to be swapped with Bally ball tough hardware.
So what did Geiger do?  Total abort. Everything went into the dumpster! 150 playfields,150 backglasses!  None to see the light of day
as far as the public goes.  One employee, however, went to the dumpsters and rescued a handful of playfields and backglasses!
The guy also got a couple of the converted machines.

To this day, those rescued specimens are all that remain.  One of the complete games is privately owned in Europe, and the fellow
still holds tightly onto his NOS specimens (and has no intention of ever selling them for any price).  CPR purchased a digitization of
one of these NOS glasses directly from this private owner.  Then Stuart did his magic to remaster the artwork for new films.

This boutique run will allow select collectors to proudly put on display what looks to be a genuine Miss World backglass.

As with all mirrored backglasses in photos, you'll need to use your imagination.  The mirroring appears as light grey to the camera,
and is featured under the main logo, around score indows, the main outer border, and Miss World's armour and weapons
are encrusted in mirrored elements.  This backglass is photographic CMYK, just like the originals, and is cast from a watercolor
painting by Mike Martinelli.