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Artwork by STUART WRIGHT, CPR Art Team

With the release of the SEXY GIRL playfield, we finally bring this special boutique run for Sexy Girl conversion trilogies to a conclusion.
Only 30 "kits" produced (playfield, backglass, plastics set, topper), the preorder group has been served, and with a handful of
these rare remaining kits, we can now launch them to the public.  Sexy Girl was a rare "adult" conversion kit for Bally Playboy.
With existing original converted machines out there worth $4000-$5000, this kit allows an ambitious restorer the chance to create their
own Sexy Girl conversion of their project Playboy for around $1000.  Our conversion kit gives you the major "unobtanium" components
you would need - all you need is a project Playboy to convert, the ability to repaint a cabinet, and some kind of slide projector
solution (most are going to use a Kodak carousel slide projector) for the dirty pictures.  With the right ambition and creativity,
some very lucky pinheads are going to be able to sport a glistening Sexy Girl machine (way nicer than those $4000-$5000 originals).
Of course, this kit can also be used to swap INTO an original Sexy Girl conversion.

To go to the Sexy Girl BACKGLASS Photo Gallery click here.
To go to the Sexy Girl PLASTICS SET Photo Gallery click here.
To view the Sexy Girl CPR CONVERSION KIT Brochure click here (Adobe Acrobat required)

Your playfield comes with an Acrylite FF "Crystal Ice" focus window already mounted.  Anything 3/4" beyond this specially textured
panel is invisible.  The rear-projected image focused on this window will be crisp and bright, as if it was a projection TV screen.
If you plan to use an LCD-screen method and avoid projection altogether, you can specify you want a CLEAR WINDOW,
and we will laser-cut and countersink one for you.  No additional charge.  Just mention this in your order, or email.

Three-piece Conversion Trilogy available in the PLAYFIELD SECTION of the Store