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Artwork by Stuart Wright

O U T D O O R   P H O T O   G A L L E R Y


The Shadow reproduction playfields feature a custom added Lightblock Layer, following the same design of the lightblock layer on the rear of a traditional backglass.  This new layer was added into the silkscreened artwork stack, right against the wood face, and behind the white (#1) layer.

This new Lightblock Layer completely covers the rectangular center-playfield inserts, with openings only for the phrases/fonts, closing off the glow of unnecessary parts of the inserts.  With the entire art package being printed over top, marrying perfectly to these openings, the contrast of the center-playfield insert group is maximized.  Feel free to shine a 5000 lumen flashlight behind these inserts - your artwork will always remain jet black.  No more "rectangles of glow" revealing themselves through the artwork. The artists only intended the WORDS to glow ... not the shape of the insert showing itself.  For those planning to convert to high brightness LEDs - this design enhancement will be a vast improvement for you.  Rear view (revealing the black Lightblock Layer) is shown below.

This is the CPR repro playfield being lit by the SUN (outdoors) from the rear.
This is how solid your black artwork will be, because of the added Lightblock Layer.
Not a HINT of a rectangular insert being used in behind the words.

The custom masking of the exclusive CPR Lightblock Layer, as revealed from the rear.
The rest of the silkscreened artwork, including white, was printed ON TOP of this special layer.
Only the WORDS and ACCENTS will light up, and the glow of rectangular inserts will not be visible from the front.

A D D E D   H E A D L I G H T   I N S E R T S

Included in the CPR Shadow repro playfield are two custom Headlight Inserts.
Feel free to use them with illumination (see below), or completely ignore them.  They are embedded into the
gameboard exactly behind the car's headlight artwork (under the ink) so if not used, their presence is invisible.
So the end user gets to decide whether to customize, or stay original.

If one decides to utilize the inserts, each end user can decide what makes them light up.
Tie them to the GI lights, controlled playfield inserts, or (more advanced) the firing of coils.

Illuminated from behind, lighting up your headlights in the artwork.


We believe the best style of illumination for your Headlights Inserts would be a "flat style" solution, that keeps physically out of interference with hardware and wiring in proximity to that area of the playfield underside.

One such solution is pictured to the left.

Feel free to use whatever lighting you like, but for planning purposes, this suggestion should get you started.

For your convenience, the suggested LED solution can be found here: