The two most popular and most valuable Gottlieb System 80 games out there feature a distinct playfield window right in the middle of the game.  These are of course due to the "downstairs" playfield design of both machines.  The windows are a necessity to see the illuminated playfield when the ball goes down there.  Problem is, 25+ years later, these poor original windows are micro-scratched from decades of ball play on their surface.  They have become inherently "foggy" and dull, making them a constant candidate for Novus polishing to keep their clarity and shine to a maximum.  NO MORE !!  Finally a replacement option for all you HH and BH owners out there!  The ultimate window that will facelift your valuable machine where it counts most - right smack dab in front of the player! 

The following gallery features Black Hole, but concepts and demonstrations apply equally to Haunted House.

Using a flash - clarity difference are revealed in a burst of camera light.  The prototype replacement window is sitting in the
playfield, the factory original (which is Novus polished in the photo!) is sitting on top.  You can see the "fog" of the polished original - as
good as its going to get.  It has a milky effect on your lower playfield view, no matter what you do.  The replacement window is crystal
clear, and aside from the blue tint, it is like looking at the lower playfield as if nothing is between your eyes and the lower playfield.

Clarity closeup - down by the bonus display.  Replacement window (below) vs. Gottlieb original (on top).
That "haze" reveals itself again, not only the "fog" over the playfield view, but the slight "glow" it puts into the score numbers.

Surface closeup.  Here's what we're dealing with - up close.  Gottlieb original (on top) reveals why it is foggy - the millions of
micro-scratches from 25+ years of ball play.  Ready to retire!  Sitting in the playfield is the new CPR replacement window. 
Perfect surface, and perfect clarity.  CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE

BEAUTY PHOTO.  So all these closeups are great, but does it really look different from the player point of view?
Here is standing back, looking at the CPR replacement window at a distance.  A picture speaks a thousand words.  Sweet!

Each window kit includes 10 new seating foams.  Your originals will be totally squashed for sure.

* CPR window used in photos was without countersunk install holes.  All windows are properly countersunk and ready for installation.
Shipped with protective coatings on both sides - you peel for the first time.  Gottlieb original featured in these photos was
Novus 2 polished and in good condition - an example of the best an original can be.  Most are much worse than represented here!