O U T D O O R   G A L L E R Y

Artwork by Kevin, CPR
Sample Donor, Scott Giangualano

original (left), reproduction (right)
Color densities have lightened/faded over the years.  Most notably red, which has been restored to Pantone brilliant red.
The original red has "oranged up" over the years.  The other colors have held quite well in this example.
Also note the tone of the old acrylic (slightly cigarette smokey) - but better shown in the last photo...

C O M P A R I N G   S U R F A C E   Q U A L I T Y
The original is of course micro-scratched a billion times.  This leads to the "haziness" in visibility through the playfield.
The repro is brand new and crystal clear, a totally virgin surface exposed once you peel the protective coating off.
No trick photography here.  Same angle, same lighting glare from the sun.

C O M P A R I N G   H O L E S
Most originals were screwed too tight and have spider-cracked galore.  This example is moderate.
Some people have cracks over an inch long, that are simply impossible to ignore.
Your new BOP mini has virgin holes and zero spider cracking.  You can install it right, and never suffer the crunch again.

C L A R I T Y   C O M P A R I S O N
Lifting them both up off the cardboard, you can see the distinct tonal difference in the mini playfield itself.
Our new BOP mini's are crystal clear - and we mean CRYSTAL clear !