O U T D O O R   G A L L E R Y

Artwork by Kevin, CPR
Donor, Scans, Consultation - Dan Molnar

Here's something a little different from CPR.  Not a playfield, not a backglass, not a plastic set !
Bride of Pinbot fans can rejoice, now with the possibility of an entirely brand new 4-sided rotating face cube.
You get all four face panels, including 12 ball guides, in one kit - ready for installation, and already assembled as you see them here.

DESIGN ENHANCEMENT:  The original design utilized injection-molded plastic ball guides, each of which were mounted using a
pair of screws from the backside.  These guides have long since yellowed, and the original idea was to just reproduce the faces alone.
However, the travesty would be forcing BoP fans to re-use their yellowed plastic guides on crystal clear reproduction faces...
So we decided to think outside the box.  New crystal-clear ball guides HAD TO be part of the scenario.  Costs were outrageous to
have a custom mold made and hire an injection molding company to make brand new molded guides.  The eventual solution was
to laser-cut thick hole-free & void-free acrylic ball guides (perfectly matching the material of the faces themselves).
To mount them?  Crystal-clear solvent cement !  Permanently bonding (melting) the acrylic together.

The resulting look is totally "screw free" and this new design literally eliminates 24 screws, leaving solid clear ball guides.

Have a look . . .

The pupils ARE see-thru on this face.... please see note underneath face #4 below...

Give me my eyes !

Applicable eye holes and the mouth are indeed see-thru (not overprinted, thus clear).  The protective backing, which you peel off,
is still on the backside of all the faces in this photo series.  So yes, her mouth and pupils ARE see-thru !

They look like wet ice !    They really do !

Gorgeous see-thru edges throughout !

These ain't your old face panels anymore !

BoP Face Cube Originals:  photo courtesy of Dan Molnar

The reproduction design also makes both metal back-plates, as shown here behind the holes, obsolete.  Thus, eliminating 4 more
screw holes.  The new mouth and eye holes are tough as nails, as superior high-impact outdoor acrylic was used on ours.
Glassy smooth edges, won't chip or scrape your balls.  Just remember that ALL acrylic (as with the originals) cannot be squeezed,
so take care when installing to NOT crank those screws in too tight (mounting the faces to the cube assembly).
Cranked screws will pop acrylic (like glass) into spider-cracks around the hole, due to its heavy density.


So does she smoke cigarettes?  You might think so by looking at her old ball guides!

BoP Face Cube Original vs. Reproduction:  photo courtesy of Dan Molnar

BoP Face Cube Original vs. Reproduction:  photo courtesy of Dan Molnar

BoP Face Cube Original vs. Reproduction:  photo courtesy of Dan Molnar