O U T D O O R   P H O T O   G A L L E R Y

Artwork by Stuart Wright, CPR Art Team
Original NOS Donor Glass & Scan by Todd Yoder

Our Silverball Mania backglass reproduction marks ANOTHER milestone in our progression to new areas of reproduction processes we
have never tried before.  The process to make this glass contained an experiment:  to see if we could go all the way from an NOS
CMYK glass, through studio digitization, cleanup and layering, professional lab separations to film, to screens, and finally back to ink.
You can't just "redraw" a CMYK (photographic) backglass into a stack of solid spot color layers.  They are made of zillions of tiny dots.
The results you see below were a triumph and proof - which now opens our doors to all of those "scary" CMYK backglasses we
wouldn't have dared to attempt in the past.  Although we have printed two CMYK repro backglasses in our past (HH and Fathom),
we weren't the creators of those film packages - they were provided to us to borrow.  SBM was the test of our own ability, and
the ability of our Art Team.  In-house and in-the-family, so to speak.  We were nervous, but it ALL WORKED !


SBM BACKGLASS, BACK-LIT PHOTOGRAPHY (front view, sun against rear):

SBM BACKGLASS, BACK-LIT PHOTOGRAPHY (rear view, sun against front):