P H O T O   G A L L E R Y

Artwork by Lance Foster, CPR Art Team

CPR's first widebody playfield !  If you're one of the lucky few to have preordered these back in 2008/2009, we have finally brought
the F2K playfield to the head of the queue.  Anybody who owns or has owned this machine can attest to its awesomeness.
Fantastic classic speech, great sound FX, gorgeous Harry Williams design, the maze section with ball-walker lock and two
automated mini-shooter lanes, fiery pop bumper section, powerful flippers, two perfectly placed spinners, and a drop target fan's dream.
Giving this machine a brand new ice-topped reproduction playfield might just be downright dangerous !  :)

You can look forward to ALL the poor qualities of the original Stern playfield being nixed...of course all the colors are brand new ink,
making the playfield simply drooly with NIB feel.  The purple was a true sore spot on the original games, poorly printed as a strange
transparent overprint - in even poorer ink.  It's almost a certainty your current playfield purple has faded out to a pukey see-thru purple.
We silkscreened the purple BEHIND the blue - as it is supposed to be, and it's freshly mixed custom enamel that will NOT go pukey.
You'll probably be surprised how beautiful F2K's color palatte really was back in 1981.  No more pop bumper mylar rings.
Trapping around inserts is DEAD-ON on our repro.  Some originals suffered bad to severe misalignment to inserts. Especially the
B-L-A-S-T-O-F-F series of inserts in the maze entrance.  We also tweaked the positioning of the artwork around openings such
as lane switches, drop target banks, and spot targets.  Now everything is nicely centered with clean woodgrain rings where applicable.

The plastic set has been re-run - and it will be available as an optional add-on for playfield customers.