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Created by GREG FRERES (artwork) and DENNIS NORDMAN (design)

The hobby seems to be ablaze with chatter about several small to medium upstart machine producers.  With this distinct possibility of
fresh new original-themed pinball machines in our future, it's no wonder that people are talking.  Could the days of original themes
come back, in some small or large way?  Well, here is proof that one of those upstart's great ambitions turned into reality.

With the final launch of the finished WNBJM at Pinball Expo 2011, Whizbang Pinball claims its spot in pinball history
as the first new manufacturer out of the gates with completed 'from-scratch' original product.

Whoa Nellie Big Juicy Melons may not be a huge factory run, but a handful of lucky customers will be owners of this historic low-run
"boutique" pinball machine.  In the end, WNBJM will plant seeds for the future of Whizbang Pinball.  So keep an eye on these guys!

The Backstory: CPR was approached in March 2011 to discuss the possibility of manufacturing their last crucial components.
Whizbang needed small runs of playfields and plastics, and needed a supplier that could turn their designs and art into physical reality.
We accepted the challenge, and were excited to produce something ORIGINAL - not reproduction.  Whizbang would provide the designs,
the complete artwork separations, and specify the exact Pantone colors by number.  We would be creating product that IS the paradigm !

The Results:  Greg's playfield artwork was superbly advanced in historical terms.  Meaning, it was several logical steps ahead of
where the pinball industry left off with their artwork quality when the factories closed their doors.  Whizbang shows you EXACTLY what
spot-color playfields could/should be looking like in 2011, had the industry progressed through all those years up until today.
[NOTE: Stern doesn't count because they diverted to cost-saving CMYK "photographic-style" playfields. a.k.a. 4-color-process playfields]
The WNBJM playfield is a masterpiece of spot-color use. Greg incorporated everything from heavy line art, to micro-fine detail,
to shading/shadowing, to stippling, to crossfades, and took advantage of extreme halftoning effects (the most ever used on a playfield
 in history) to trick the eye into seeing even more colors beyond the 14-spot-color palette.  Some areas look nearly 3D to the eye !

OK.  Now onto the pictures:

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WNBJM Plastics Set

PINBALL EXPO 2011 - Reveal / Launch of the Finished Game(s)