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What's new at CPR?
Breathing New Life into Old Pinballs!

August 2016

Here's what's going on with us! At my woodshop we are currently glueing inserts into a few Eight Ball Deluxes. We are offereing a very few 8BD, Fathom and Centaur. We wound up doing these by accident if anything. I ordered inserts for our new lineup which consists of Whirlwind, Earthshaker, Shadow, EATPM and Banzai Run some time ago and they were late coming as were the inserts for TAF. While I have the new lineup run of inserts I still don't have the TAF inserts. But we needed something in the meantime to cut. Tanner, who is always on top of things went out into the loft and within a few hours came back with a small number of 8DB, Fathom and Centaurs that we could make using the inserts in hand. We'd have to cannibilize the future run of some other PFs that we had planned on but didn't yet have art for. It was a great use of resources for sure. Great work Tanner.

So, Nitro Ground Shaker PFs and backglasses were just released. You can thank Stu for this combination as I just wanted the backglass made because I love the Dave Christensen artwork and thought it would be a super wall hanger in my gameroom. Of course Stu, being well, Stu presented us with the PF art as well as the BG art and somehow badgered me enough that I cut it on the CNC and prepped it for silk screening ;-)

The small runs of Centaur are made and just starting to come back in from clear. Fathom was supposed to go into screen printing this week but a small detail pushed it to next week. and Eight Ball Deluxe is finished cutting but needs some time for glue and sanding before they are ready to head over to Kev's for final prep before screening.

Whirlwind rerun is just starting to cut and what a handful....The first run was cut on my old CNC and was a monster as it had to go through the CNC several times. So I decided to change it over to my new MultiCAM and it took much longer than expected as the machines cut quite differently. Three test cuts were needed to get it all perfect again and then of course came the second major realization. The first used inserts from Mirco Steffen in Germany and each and every one is a different size than ones made in the US. They are close but there is no way a hole made for one will fit an insert made for the other. Every insert had to be resized or replaced but we have it all in order and are in production now.

We took in a major load of wood that will get us through the next five titles as mentioned above. It's really nice stuff. Two internal layers of hard maple, three layers of white ash covered with two .080" full face veneers of maritime hard rock maple. These face veneers are 25% thicker than what Stern uses on their machines and we pay for that good thick veneer on BOTH sides of the PF so it stays straight and true better than using one good grade and one lower grade. 



Take a look at ToTAN being cut below!