Centaur Color Custom Backglass (Mirrored)

$269.00 USD

This is a custom version of the Centaur backglass intended to partner with the CPR Centaur Color playfield.   Slight shading (in matching hue family to the Color playfield) have been incorporated at a tasteful level into the original artwork layout.  Since the backglass was a “charcoal pencil” type drawing (unlike the playfield which is hardline sketch pen), the color tones used are exact from the playfield, except desaturated down to fit the charcoal sketch style.  This backglass is also mirrored.  Custom mirroring additions bedazzle this glass, by making all the studs glisten like chrome, and appropriate borders around the score windows.  See photo gallery for a diagram of where the mirror bits are located.

If you want a Centaur glass of Original design, they are available at other vendor(s).  Sorry, we will not be offering the regular Centaur backglass.