Playboy (Clearance)

$ 259.00 $ 169.00

** THESE ARE CLEARANCE / SECONDS at a Reduced Price **

These are our new 2019 glasses, and general description (below) is the same as the regular stock.  The only difference is, a few of these got printed together on the press, with apparently a fiber on the magenta jets.  This caused the result of faint horizontal texture in the spot-pink areas.  If you look really closely, the effect is visible (see photos).  It is not apparent or notable from more than 2+ feet away.  Otherwise, they are identical to the regular Playboy glasses we offer.  They are being offered at Clearance, for those who won’t mind / want to save some money / want to save a game on a budget.  Still great and viable glasses.  Available until they are gone.

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Genuine tempered glass (not a translite). Produced on 4mm glass. New 2019 digital printed version, all new color and density balances compared to the silkscreened version available for the last 3 years.  Fully mirrored as original. Beyond a replacement, perfect as a wall hanging in your gameroom, this glass is relevant all on its own. Polished corners and edges, ready for new trim and lift bar.  Gorgeous replacement, finally get rid of that old chipped, crackled, or shedding original backglass.

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