Diner (Clearance)

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This is a remaining playfield from the first ‘small batch’ Diner re-run we did last year.  Several of these got out the door containing color-layering errors, because somehow the yellow layer got on top of red.  Red is supposed to be on top of yellow.  So what does this mean?  It means 98-99% of the playfield is fine – however, there are some places where red details are covered over in yellow.  Such as the hot dog.  Such as the missing shading on the yellow balls.  Such as a line of red text under the “diners”.  A photo is provided if you want to hunt for more.  Bottom line is – if these details are important to you, we suggest you purchase a full-priced specimen from later ongoing batches, as they come and go.  For somebody on a budget, or simply trying to save a trashed game – this discounted playfield will be easier on the pocketbook, and will still dazzle swapped into a machine.

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