Exclusive to CPR: Genuine 15-color spot-ink enamel silkscreened (NOT DIGITAL PRINTED) and ARTWORK FROM THE ORIGINAL 1988 MARK SPRENGER WILLIAMS PHYSICAL FILM POSITIVES (NOT DIGITAL REPRO ARTWORK PHOTOSHOPPED FROM THESE FILMS).  5-layer polyeurethane clearcoated. Simply add your selection(s) to your Cart and exit through Checkout.

At current moment, Silver and Bronze graded candidates are shipping.  Initial Golds were already sold and shipped, however with flattening efforts over the holiday season (see grading notes below), we expect to yield most of the playfields back into a level of acceptable flatness tolerance to regain Gold grade on most of our remaining playfields.  Once ready, the Gold grade will be marked back in stock – for those that don’t want the discounted golds (silvers, as described below).  Time expectation is the second week of January or so.

NOTE OUR NEW SHIPMENT CONFIGURATION BUILDER – You may build your shipment Configuration with (or without) the Banzai Run Plastics, Banzai Run Backglass, or the Banzai Run Bezel.  All are offered at special discounts if taken with your playfield(s) shipment.  Save on shipping, and take advantage of bundle discounts, compared to buying & shipping separately later on.  An automatic combined-shipping discount will appear in your Cart (in a green box) to reduce the normal Flat Rate shipping.

Quality grading described in general detail below.

Grading details, specific to this run:  GOLDS are typical CPR gold candidates, under the regular definition (below).  The Banzai SILVERS are candidates that still have “gold” artwork cosmetically, but have been graded down due to the gameboard panel going slightly twisted in our dry Canadian winter season.  These may relax under more southern humid climates, and will certainly be flat once loaded up with hardware and rails screwed along the edges, sat flat in a cabinet.  A good way to save $75 for those who won’t be put off by this.  The Banzai BRONZES have a twist like the Silvers, with some added instances of small findable cosmetic blems, if the artwork is hunted.  A great way for the non-picky to save even more $$$, and replace a trashed original playfield worn to the wood.