Stern CATACOMB Playfields
SHORT RUN “Boutique” Reproduction Playfields from CPR


Small batch run, after collecting only around a dozen names on our list after 3 years.  These will be available until they are gone… then we will decide on possibly keeping a few around ongoing, for the long haul.  We could always make a few more, if the demand is there in the future, but we won’t know until year(s) from now.  We’ll see how these go.  Consider these “get them while they’re available” !

NOTE: This small run used a donor PF that had two different inserts than what seems to be in the more mainstream run. We reproduced what we had but its been pointed out to us that most of the PFs found in games of our customers own have a slightly different insert color layout. Please examine the inserts closely to make sure your game matches what this run has if that’s going to be an issue for you.


PLAYFIELD SHIPMENT CONFIGURATION TOOL (below) – If you want the Catacomb Plastics, they are offered at a discount if taken in your playfield(s) shipment.  Save on shipping, and take advantage of bundle discounts, compared to buying & shipping separately later on.  Adding plastics are completely optional.