Centaur (Color)

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CUSTOM Playfields from CPR

What is Centaur Color?
A colorized version of Centaur had always been a longtime dream here.  With our recent production of Space Invaders playfields, the stunning layout of a full-color Paul Faris masterpiece was extremely inspirational.  The whole concept of Centaur Color was to take the original unaltered Centaur blackline and build-in a palette of new color layers that had never existed.  The result is a colorized Centaur playfield, using the original Faris colors from Space Invaders, plus a few more.  Some modern touches are added, with shading and shadowing incorporated (where applicable), for an added effect of depth and detail. 

For purists, this offering will likely be pure blasphemy.  It’s not meant to be everybody’s cup of tea. That is fine!  But for some who want to create a very special and rare game, this custom playfield (and matching backglass) will make it possible.  It was a pleasure to produce this layout and prototype (see photos and video).  While these will likely be very niche – we’re able to produce one, or three, or thirty.  Paid orders will determine precisely how many get made.



CPR will not be stocking these in advance.
  When we have small batches of (blank) Centaur whitewoods, then we will offer Centaur Color slots for sale here.  We will enter the on-hand whitewood count into this listing, to prevent oversell.  As orders go through Cart and paid Checkout… that count will deplete.  If all whitewoods become spoken for, this listing will go Sold Out until the next batch of whitewoods.  We also need to eventually steer Centaur whitewoods into standard versions as well, so whitewoods for Centaur Color custom playfields will be very limited going forward.  So please be clear – a paid order for this playfield puts a whitewood into Centaur Color printing, then away in our normal clearcoater rotation for a few weeks.  It will ship once back from the clearcoater.  Centaur Color will never be sitting here in stock – because these are going to be strictly one-off custom playfields.  Produced on-demand, due to extreme niche.

A paid Centaur Color order will ship in 4-5 weeks, so please be patient after ordering.

Made on the best quality PF wood available ANYWHERE. Our PF panels are made in the USA to our specifications and made just for CPR. 5-layer polyurethane clearcoated for unmatched durability.

OPTIONAL PLAYFIELD ADD-ONS:  For any playfield shipment, you may add any backglass, plastics set, and/or topper into the same Cart, and receive Bundle Discounts on those items!  They don’t even have to match the selected playfield(s) any more!  Take advantage of combined shipping, and save big compared to buying and shipping separately later on.  Discounts apply automatically in your Cart.


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