Eight Ball Deluxe

SHORT RUN Reproduction Playfields from CPR


First time back at CPR since 2017 !
New 2020 batch, beginning new availability under our digital production model going forward.  Completely remastered 2020 artwork, based on the Herb Silvers commissioned film positives from Margaret Hudson!   All historical layout glitches have been corrected, and perfected.  Special attention was paid to the delicate halftoned duotones, which must be accurately done to produce the intended colors on many of the pool balls in this historic artwork. If the halftones aren’t done correctly, the resulting duotones will not produce the resulting hues correctly.  Other EBD playfields released out there have not accomplished these nuances – causing colors of certain pool balls to end up “off”  (see end of photo gallery).  Other EBD playfields also have missed and forgotten color-layering tricks. (see end of photo gallery).

NOTE RED SPECIAL:  Two distinct versions of insert layouts were original on EBD playfields.  We have chosen the insert layout that features Opaque Red inserts for Special, rather than the transparent red version.  Opaque red was a classic Bally standard for Special… thus we prefer the look of that version of EBD playfields.  All CPR EBD’s will feature opaque red inserts for Special.

This batch will be available until they are gone, then we will make more in months to come. We’ll see how fast these go.  Consider these “get them while they’re available” !


If you want the EBD plastics, backglass, or topper, they are offered at a discount if taken in your playfield(s) shipment.  Save on shipping, and take advantage of bundle discounts, compared to buying at full price & shipping separately later on.  Adding the plastics, backglass,
 or topper, are completely optional.