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SHORT RUN Reproduction Playfields from CPR


Another new release becomes reality from the Boutique Zone days !
New release, beginning availability under our digital production model going forward. 5-layer polyeurethane clearcoated. 
This batch will be available until they are gone, then we will make more in months to come. We’ll see how fast these go.  Consider these “get them while they’re available” !

For those of you who want an unaltered reproduction, this release is for you.  However, for those willing to wait – we have a small batch of special Nugent playfields coming.  This one-time run will be limited to 20 playfields or less, and will be offered up as a little treat for the Nugent superfan.  See the second photo in the Gallery.  The Limited Edition layout will feature a changed guitar headstock – to match Ted’s ACTUAL headstock from the era.  This will be the only change made to the classic original layout.  For those of you who want original – buy now.  For those of you who want the Gibson style headstock – hold off and wait for the next batch.


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