5-layer polyeurethane clearcoated.  Dimpled both sides, drilled, and ready for installation right out of the box.  For a close look, be sure to check out the detailed gallery to see closeup photos.  This is the leftover stock at the end of the preorder, now available for general public purchase.

Remaining stock of Silver and Bronze grades have small blemishes in the green and purple (semi-transparent) inks, which come from woodgrain patina and absorbtion, being visible through these non-opaque colors.  These were culled into the Silver and Bronze stocks respectively, based on amount of instance and overall degree of visibility.  (see final 2 pix in gallery for examples)  Beyond that, these remaining few playfields were the overall furthest from “perfection” out of the whole run, thus are deeply discounted.  Still amazing compared to a worn original, but not for the perfectionist restorer.

When you purchase any playfield from CPR you can BUNDLE and SAVE just add a backglass, plastics or topper and save BIG on those parts and shipping. Simply select the grade of playfield you’d like then choose any additional part for your restoration. Review your configuration and add to cart.