Sorcerer (Silkscreened)

Williams SORCERER Silkscreened Playfields
Final Stock @ CLEARANCE

These are the last of the Sorcerer Silkscreened playfield run of early 2019.  Printed in 12 individual layers of spot-ink enamels across 8 days, this run will be the last of CPR’s Sorcerers done in this format.  Everybody on the original preorder & deposit lists have been served.  These remaining candidates have topsides graded as we normally do, but all suffer from a notable bow/twist in the gameboard panel itself.  Thus, these are the last to go.  Many restorers have tricks up their sleeves to install these flat… often rails being bolted on, and populating the underside with all the weight of the hardware, allows these to sit flat when put in the cabinet.  But we want to be upfront – out of the box, these will have a twist where two corners lay flat, and two corners are in the air about 1 inch.  For this reason, we are deepening the discount on the original Silver and Bronze price points – plus, to sweeten the pot even more, we significantly deepened the discount for bundling Sorcerer plastics and topper with these particular playfield(s).

ONLY SILVER & BRONZE Graded candidates left, while stock lasts.

PLAYFIELD PRICES REDUCED FURTHER BY $80-$100 , for these remaining candidates.

SORCERER PLASTICS REDUCED BY $100 – exclusive to this shipment Cart and Checkout.
Optional to add to your order.

SORCERER TOPPERS REDUCED BY $40  – exclusive to this shipment Cart and Checkout.
Optional to add to your order.

CPR Silkscreened Sorcerers were ONLY done in the “Purple/Pink Robe” color format.

To avoid confusion – FYI the Sorcerers in the regular Playfield section of the site are DIGITAL PRINT format (not silkscreened).  Stock on those will come and go, as future batches are made and released.  If you prefer to get the full “flawless” quality grade at $799 … you’ll need to wait for those to come back in stock in the future.  This listing is NOT for those playfields.

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