Optional Sorcerer Plastics (playfield-combo discounted!) or optional Sorcerer Toppers (playfield-combo discounted!) are available to any Sorcerer playfield customers, if you want to add them to your shipment.

You have a choice of two historical variations of the playfield.  The Purple/Pink robe version (most common), or the more rare Blue/Red robe version.  Your choice.

See Grading Explanation at the bottom of the page for our new Digital Print description.

THIS PAGE USES OUR NEW PLAYFIELD SHIPMENT CONFIGURATION TOOL – If you want the Sorcerer Plastics, or Sorcerer topper, they are offered at deep discounts if taken in your playfield(s) shipment.  Save on shipping, and take advantage of bundle discounts, compared to buying & shipping separately later on.  Adding plastics or toppers are completely optional.  If you don’t want them, skip through those steps.