Tales of the Arabian Nights

5-layer polyeurethane clearcoated.  Dimpled both sides, drilled, and ready for installation right out of the box.

These playfields originate from the original CPR 2015 run, but were incomplete printed woods set aside during that massive run (our biggest to date at the time), due to an entire section of the racks being missed for a couple color layers during the weeks of silkscreening.  Stored away, these were to be re-worked someday when there was time for all new silkscreening sessions to start over on these woods. Well three years was long enough, and these gorgeous babes were started anew, finally.  Artwork perfection now.  Fresh 2018 artwork and clearcoating.

When you purchase any playfield from CPR you can BUNDLE and SAVE just add a backglass, plastics or topper and save BIG on those parts and shipping. Simply select the grade of playfield you’d like then choose any additional part for your restoration. Review your configuration and add to cart.