Bally VIKING Playfields
SHORT RUN Reproduction Playfields from CPR


Small batch run, after sitting for years trying to measure interest in the old Boutique Zone of the web site.  We decided to try running a few, and put them up for grabs.  These will be available until they are gone… then we will decide on if we will be making any more. We’ll see how these go.  Consider these “get them while they’re available” !

PLAYFIELD SHIPMENT CONFIGURATION TOOL (below) – If you want the Viking plastics, either backglass (mirrored or standard), or topper, they are offered at a discount if taken in your playfield(s) shipment.  Save on shipping, and take advantage of bundle discounts, compared to buying at full price & shipping separately later on.  Adding the plastics, either backglass, or topper, are completely optional.