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Commonly asked questions:

Do you have ‘it’ in stock?

Answer: Check our store for a list of what is currently available for purchase everything we have will be listed there. If you see something there we currently are out of don’t panic just yet you can check with our distributors for availability.

Do you have plans to make a specific part or rerun one already produced but currently out of stock?

Answer: Production of any part is a combination of a number of factors. Where all of the companies who created them are now defunct acquiring art work, part, licencing, etc becomes extremely difficult. When we create a product a lot of the time it is totally from scratch or with partial / incomplete information. This in turn requires a longer than normal timeline if it is possible at all. At CPR we’ll only put out a top quality product so if that isn’t possible something will put on hold until such time as we can move forward with it. The other thing is it needs to be economically viable to do as the process of creating parts is expensive. So if you want a part be sure to follow what is in the pipe and get your preorders in. If you see something sold out be sure and add it to you wishlist on site. We watch those interest level closely when determining what next to make / remake.

Thank you for your interest in Classic Playfield Reproductions.