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    Product Improvement Suggestions


      Do you have a suggestion on how to improve one of our products? We all make mistakes and we are certainly no different than most. Sometimes its a missing piece of artwork, misordered color layer,  missing or misplaced hole or just a general suggestion. Please let us know and if if we use your suggestion we’ll try and give you credit below. 


      Thank you for your interest in Classic Playfield Reproductions.

      Improvements made by Your Suggestions


      Suggestion: On my Fathom, there is a hole missing at the top, that the ball guide locates into. I’ve swapped two pf’s for customers, and have had to add this hole. It’s up by the top drop targets, just above the 50,000 lettering. – Daane

      Thanks Daane, I found the issue, this hole was originally added after the PF was made using a drill guide template, we switched to doing it all on our CNC on the last small run and missed that hole. I’ve added it back in and all future runs will have it!

      Suggestion: This one was made on Pinside by emsrph concerning a Cheetah swap –  Note to people with the CPR repro playfield, if you didn’t already run into it- the left most hole for the top plastic red post is missing and needs to be added.

      Thanks emsrph, for pointing out the missed hole! I have corrected the file and all future PFs will have the hole machined correctly.