Plastics Installation and Care



Peel !  Don’t forget that we cover both the TOP and BOTTOM of our plastics with protective coatings.
These can be overlooked, especially with our new white coating on the backside.
With flush-cut plastics like the Cyclone clown above, coatings are easy to miss because there is no clear edge to alert you.
People simply think the topside is semi-gloss and install anyway…plus missing the white peel on the back!
The High Speed piece above reveals the white backside coating because the outside edge is supposed to be clear.
Always know – CPR’s plastics are ALWAYS dual-coated, and underneath is 100% fresh glossy PETG.  Don’t forget to peel !

Use a soft cotton cloth with a little Novus 2 or 3.  Paper towel or other slightly abrasive cloths will micro-scratch.
PETG is a ‘soft’ plastic, just remember the surface is not hard as glass or acrylic.  Being for home use, our plastics
will probably only require the lightest dusting every year.  Pretty plug-and-play, basically.


PETG repro plastics will probably last a lifetime of play, with no risk of breakage.  However, if you are a fan of extra protection,
custom PETG protector sets are out there, as well as those famous PETG “fender washers”.