Where does CPR's artwork come from?

Artwork comes from a variety of sources… sometimes from original factory films,  from original factory design computer files, or sometimes even by some crazy person going at it old-school with hand-cutting rubylith.  Most of the time, however, our artwork is digitally redrawn from scratch. Having digital redrawn artwork is usually far superior because it allows us to identify and often fix compromises or mistakes from the original artwork that was caused by very tight production schedules when your original game was produced.

Where do CPR's inserts come from?

All the inserts we use come from the same original factory molds used for the last 50-60 years in Chicago, and from the same factory that made them for your original playfield! We occasionally have to deal with lost molds, but sometimes have our own molds made at the factory to produce the extinct part, from their equipment.

What kind of wood are CPR's playfields made from?

CPR only uses the very best wood we can get our hands on. Currently we use a very expensive custom made plywood  from Wisconsin. It has alternating layers of Canadian Maritime Hard Rock Maple and White Ash. Current industry gameboard stock (example: Stern) is a .5325″ thick stock with a single face of 0.060″ veneer. We upped this specification considerably. We use two THICK 0.080″ face veneers (25% thicker than industry stock) which allows our CNC operator to pick the very best side for your playfield.  We upped the overall thickness of our gameboard stock to 0.545″, which gives a better balance with our thicker veneers. The thicker face veneers on our wood means a much denser wood surface (plus much harder cores), leading to less ball dimpling compared to any playfield wood stock in use today. Some of  our finished playfields weigh more than 15lbs, and are so much more dense than industry standards, that we have seen certain examples of our playfields end up almost double the weight of a factory NOS board!

How do I know what is going to be released by CPR in the future?

Since our switchover to digital production in 2018, we have been able to make available every set of plastics and backglass we have ever made since 2004! New ones are slowly being introduced too.  For playfields, we are retooling and trying to bring back (and maintain) all titles of playfields we have made since 2004, as well as introducing new releases. We should be able to eventually have every one of our legacy playfields re-released, and kept in stock…. hopefully all the time. (We re-batch when necessary)  Its a constant effort, so please be patient!

Nothing you have produced so far is of any interest to me or my collection. I want (insert part here) to be made.

Everything stems from artwork. If there is something you want CPR to insert into its future calendar, get the artwork to us.  Artwork doesn’t come out of thin air, though.  Far from it.  It takes work, skill, and dedication.  There are a couple of ways to get your artwork prepared and to the forefront:  a) Draw the artwork yourself  b) Commission a colleague, buddy, or relative with the graphical skills to do the proper layout(s). Once we are supplied with artwork, it will greatly accelerate the possibility your dream reproduction project will come to fruition.  If your desire is a custom one-off project (not reproduction, but original), then visit the Custom Shop section of the site to see the details.

Do you have 'it' in stock?

Our store lists everything we currently have for sale. If we are showing “Out of Stock” you can check with our distributors or you can add yourself to the waitlist to be notified once your item is restocked. Various playfields titles are restocked several times each month but of course not every title. 

Do you have plans to make a specific part?

Production of any part is a combination of a number of factors. Where most of the companies who created the original parts are now long gone acquiring art work, sample parts and licensing has become extremely difficult. When we take on a new project often it is created totally from scratch or with partial/incomplete information. This in turn requires long timelines if its possible at all. It also needs to be economically viable as the process of creating parts is extremely expensive. If you want a sold out product add it to your wishlist as we can use these numbers to determine in what order products get remade and in what numbers.