Backglass Installation and Care


Our reproduction backglasses use modern inks, but until the glasses are 5 years old or so, the ink is comparatively “soft”
next to original 20 or 30 year old ink on your originals.  It will take a long time for the new ink to age and become “hard”.
In the meantime, this is just a tip to prevent accidental scraping of the artwork side of the glass.

Be careful when carrying, leaning, or storing your reproduction backglass – be conscious of its backside and don’t let it scrape against anything.

Make sure the displays in your backbox are positioned properly and don’t protrude to the point where they physically touch the ink
side of the glass.  Your original glass may reveal this – do you see scrapes around the original score windows?  Sometimes the front
of the displays have lost their foamy protectors – or sometimes have none.  No contact is the best policy.  Removing the risk of slashing
your new repro backglass artwork when installing or removing your backglass from the backbox is a good thing to do.

CPR backglasses are tempered.  The edges are the vulnerable part – don’t tap them or they could cause the glass to pop.
When sitting the backglass down, put a piece of cardboard or a mat on the floor.  Don’t set the glass down on a concrete floor, for example.


Windex!  Keep the fronts shiny and clean with any glass cleaner. Can’t hurt them.  Go to town.
When doing the fronts, lay the glass down on a bath towel or soft blanket underneath (against the artwork) to prevent scratching.

The backsides may collect shadows of dirt from backbox light heat.  For the backsides, be much gentler.  Use a cotton cloth or paper towel with a mist of Windex and gently wipe in large circular motions without pushing down hard.  Again, the theme is not digging into or scratching
the ink artwork.