Red White Blue Backglass

Williams RED WHITE BLUE  1956

Here is something a little nostalgic for a gameroom conversation piece!   CPR had this long lost artwork master sitting in our archives from well over a dozen years ago.  Not much attention had ever been paid to this little gem, but we decided to bring this out of the mothballs into availability for those who may be interested in a very unique gameroom wall hanging.

In 1956, Red White Blue was an electromechanical pin Williams never put into final production, and it is speculated that possibly only a few ever existed.  Whether or not even one can be found today, is up for debate.  A lone backglass DID exist, however.  It was in terrible shape, but was used in the painstaking restoration of a layers & colors vector redraw that we have in our archives.

This reproduction is a mint, brand new multi-layer print, including lightblock on the backside.  Can be illuminated as original. Produced on heavy 4mm tempered glass, same beefy thickness as the original.  Made at original scale of exactly 22 x 21 inches.

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