Swords of Fury (Prototype) Custom Mirrored Backglass

$269.00 USD

*** CPR Translite-To-Mirrored-Backglass product ***


This is our vision of what a SoF backglass could be, or should be.  Increased definition and detail, multi-layer digital printed with tons more control over the black levels (as opposed to our experimental silkscreened attempts from many years ago), these are what we’d consider the best these could ever be.  Based on the rare prototype artwork layout, and pimped-up with tasteful custom mirroring, this backglass would be a gorgeous upgrade for any SoF owner.  Please see the photo gallery for identification of mirrored areas.  Polished corners and edges, ready for new 1/8″ backglass trim and lift bar.

The Cary Hardy YouTube channel ended up doing an unboxing & product review of this particular backglass.   His video gives an intimate view of what our custom mirrored backglasses look like, and how they compare to an original (washed-out) translite.  Best watched on a desktop monitor, and click “Watch on YouTube” to open another tab for full size viewing.




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