Addams Family Duotone Custom Mirrored Backglass

$289.00 USD$315.00 USD

We offer a straight Black-and-White version, but this version is further tinted in a classic Duotone look.  Particularly appropriate for Addams Family Gold machines.

Translite-to-Backglass produced on genuine tempered glass. Polished corners and edges. Silkscreened ink-mirroring.

Includes a custom made CPR-matched-thickness stainless steel liftbar & trim kit, by default – OR you may pick from a selection of powder-coated liftbar color choices.

Gorgeous replacement, finally get rid of that old chipped, crackled, or shedding original backglass.

NOTE:  ‘Cousin It’ in the top left mansion window is shown in blue, to illustrate that he WILL be there in lightblock format.  There will NOT be a blue ‘Cousin It’ in the actual artwork print on your backglass.

MIRRORING VIDEO – Hover mouse over thumbnail photo, and click Play button.

Please see the photo gallery for identification of mirrored areas.