Bride of Pinbot 4-Face Cube Kit

$139.00 USD

Produced on laser-cut acrylic. Turnkey replacements to mount to your existing rotating face-cube assembly. You get all four faces as shown here, pre-assembled with brand new crystal-clear (permanent) ball guide rails.  This reproduction design features guide rails that no longer bolt-on.  We use permanently bonded laser-cut acrylic guide rails, to solve the historic yellowing problem with the original (unobtanium) injection-molded guides. (see gallery for comparison photo showing original & reproduction, side-by-side).

This item can be obtained at a discounted price if taken with the Bride of Pinbot Plastics Set.  Go to the Bride of Pinbot Plastics Set in the PLASTICS section of the Store, and a COMBO PRICE for both is available there.