Creature Black Lagoon Speaker Panel (Mirrored)

$159.00 USD

The DELUXE CFTBL Speaker Panel !!!

Finally back at CPR for the first time since ~2010 !  These speaker panels are a direct replacement to your factory panel, and offer the following advantages: 

a) Custom Mirrored – all the classic car bumpers have been “chromed” with a custom silkscreened mirror ink layer (see gallery layout diagram for location of the mirror bits). 

b) Transparent-Style Tail Lights – all the classic car tail lights have been layered in a way that they are transparent red.  They are able to be illuminated to glow like a real tail light.  This speaker panel is designed to function with aftermarket mod kits or self-modification, to light the cars’ tail lights for an amazing Drive-Thru Movie scene on your backbox.

c) Rear Lightblock Layer – an added layer on the backside, which functions exactly like a lightblock layer on a traditional backglass.  This allows proper light masking for rear illumination FX.  Not only just the car tail lights, but we opened spots for the neon sign, moon, and UFO as well.  Depending on your illumination mod plans, all these can be sharply and distinctly lit with static or animated LED kits, preventing any light bleed into nearby artwork.

We had been asked to bring these back for years.  Hopefully these will spurn some efforts by the LED mod-makers again, or at the very least open up the ambition of do-it-yourself-ers to rig these into their Creature games.   Even alone with the mirroring, they are a great pimping for a Creech that’s got everything else.  Maybe they will inspire some owners to take the plunge into modding their backbox speaker assembly to the next level.  Here is one example (video below) of somebody who put their Deluxe panel to full use, many years ago.  Feel free to search YouTube for more examples, and tutorials.


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