Sexy Girl Backglass (Wall Art)

$229.00 USD


Genuine tempered glass (not a translite).  This is a gameroom wall-hanger product, or even better if used backlit in a lightbox.  It’s a real backglass, but not a machine-usable backglass.  An absolutely gorgeous rendition of an original RANCO Sexy Girl backglass, right down to the last detail.  For those who don’t mind a little “adult” ambience in their “man cave” – this is for you.  Mirroring has been replaced with faux texturing that maintains the mirror feel (see photo).  To assure that these will not be used in conversion projects, the design of the glass has been ‘hobbled’ in the following ways ->  score windows have permanent photographic score displays printed.  They look real.  They cannot be removed.  The rear lightblock layer of the glass has all of the text features removed (Ball in Play, Tilt, High Score to Date, etc).

CPR will not be re-running reproduction Sexy Girl backglasses for use in machines, as the previous runs years ago essentially tripled the number of Sexy Girl conversions in the hobby – devaluing existing games heavily.  By request of the Sexy Girl community, CPR will not contribute to the continuation of this trend, for the time being..