Funhouse Plastics

$169.00 USD$185.00 USD

54-piece SuperSet, laser cut PETG. The most complete reproduction Funhouse plastic set ever offered in the history of the hobby. Includes doubled slings, clears, printed clears, promo pieces, key fobs, and two ‘non-mirror/alternate’ versions of the mode Billboard. The 55-piece DELUXE SuperSet includes the unobtanium properly mirrored Billboard, on gorgeous 1/8″ acrylic. The CPR mirrored Billboard is (finally) correctly manufactured, using a proper mirror layer with the artwork layers on the backside. All past attempts at reproducing this piece were done incorrectly (printing on the front of mirrored acrylic), causing a double-vision effect. Not anymore!  Vivid colors and brand new, perfect replacement for scratched, yellowed, broken, or incomplete Funhouse plastics sets. Protective coatings unpeeled.