Elektra Playfield Plexi Surface

$199.00 USD

Plexi Playfield Surface

Elektra featured an entirely plastic (and very thick) playfield surface/cover on its main playfield.  This of course offered the view to the lower playfield without the use of an embedded playfield window.  Your battle with Novus can end now!  Billions of scratches from decades of ball wear have fogged the view to the lower playfield and mussed-up the surface on nearly every Elektra out there.  Here is the solution to give your Elektra playfield that clarity back, just as it looked new-in-box.  This new playfield surface is a turnkey replacement, laser & CNC cut with gorgeous glassy edges on all holes, and shipped with protective coatings on both sides.  You peel for the first time, revealing virgin crystal-clear (and we mean crystal-clear) clarity.

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