These are the last of the KISS repro playfield run from late 2019.  A few Silver-graded and Bronze-graded candidates are available.

Golds were $899  (SOLD OUT)

The KISS Reproduction Playfield – artwork from the original Bally films, genuine enamel silkscreened.
  Be sure to check out the Gallery pix, to see what these look like.  This is the first time these have been run since 2002 (Illinois Pinball) and will be the ONLY time they will be run silkscreened by CPR.  Once these run out, the only future print possibility for small re-runs will be digital prints.  Prices are slightly higher than normal due to high third party licensing costs that had to be negotiated to make these happen.

Remaining Stock – While supplies last.  The last silkscreened KISS playfields we will have.  Any future runs will be new digital print.

If you add the KISS topper to your playfield shipment, get it for $50 Shipped!   Simply add the KISS topper to your cart, and an automatic $34 discount will be applied. ($19-off the topper + $15 shipping discount), making the topper “$50 shipped” for KISS playfield customers.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.