Stern METEOR Playfields
Boutique Zone List has been Served
Remaining Playfields Now Up for General Sales

This is likely the last “large” single-batched silkscreened playfield run CPR will ever do, serving a large Boutique Zone list that was collected over many years prior.  Genuine 11-color enamel silkscreened, clearcoated, dimpled & drilled.  Since these are silkcreened (with slight variances in top face results), this run will be offered in three grades, at three price points.  See descriptions of grading at the bottom of this page, if you are not familiar with them.

These playfields will draw down (from all three grades) as they are sold and shipped.  First come, first served.  If any sell out to zero (usually Golds first), then remaining grades will stand as all that’s available to pick from… and so on, until they all sell out.


PLAYFIELD SHIPMENT CONFIGURATION TOOL (below) – If you want the Meteor Backglass, Plastics or Topper, they are offered at a discount if taken in your playfield(s) shipment.  Save on shipping, and take advantage of bundle discounts, compared to buying & shipping separately later on.  Adding the backglass, plastics or topper to your shipment, are completely optional.