Seawitch Playfield

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Short-Run Reproduction Playfields from CPR

Finally in rotation at CPR, after 10 years of holding off !!   At the end of the old CPR Art Team years 2008-2011, our art director Stu had completely finished the SeaWitch playfield layout in brand new vector artwork by 2012.  Due to our local buddy John Greatwich forging ahead with his new Direct Ink testing and offerings, John took SeaWitch under his wing at the time, as one of his lead projects.  CPR stepped aside on the title, and let John take care of the SeaWitch community in need of playfields.  Stu’s artwork was shelved.  We later took up the torch for the SeaWitch backglass and plastics instead.  That SeaWitch playfield legacy went for the next ten years, until John (Great Pinball) closed his operations.   CPR decided to finally haul out our SeaWitch playfield project, and finally add it into our offerings.  Thus the first batch of CPR SeaWitch reproduction playfields are finally here.

CORRECT COLORS restored to original Stern colors (not matched to the aged/darkened look – see gallery examples).  Put that pop back into your game with the proper rich blues, teals, and yellow.

OPTIONAL PLAYFIELD ADD-ONS:  For any playfield shipment, you may add any backglass, plastics set, and/or topper into the same Cart, and receive Bundle Discounts on those items!  They don’t even have to match the selected playfield(s) any more!  Take advantage of combined shipping, and save big compared to buying and shipping separately later on.  Discounts apply automatically in your Cart.

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