The Shadow

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5-layer polyurethane clearcoat. Genuine 12-color silkscreened.  Dimpled both sides, drilled, and ready for installation right out of the box.
These are the last of the genuine silkscreened main run of 2016.   Once these are gone, any future prints of Shadow playfields will be digital.


While reproducing this playfield we jumped at the opportunity to add custom inserts behind the headlights of the car.  Completely invisible unless illuminated (your choice) !  See below to get the LEDS to make full use of this unique CPR mod.  We also added a custom black-lightblock layer (screened to the playfield BEFORE the white layers) to control the illumination of the center mode inserts.  This vastly improved the contrast of the text, which can now be lit brightly without revealing the rectangular insert embedded into the playfield.  See gallery for rear pics, revealing the lightblock.


*** RECOMMENDED LEDs for the Shadow playfield Headlight Inserts ***

We believe the best style of illumination for your Headlights Inserts would be a “flat style” solution, that keeps physically out of interference with hardware and wiring in proximity to that area of the playfield underside. (see photo in gallery above)

Feel free to use whatever lighting you like, but for planning purposes, this suggestion should get you started. For your convenience, the suggested LED solution can be found here:


Made on the best quality PF wood available ANYWHERE. Our PF panels are made in the USA to our specifications and made just for CPR. 5-layer polyurethane clearcoated for unmatched durability.

This small run will be available until they are gone, if the demand is there we are able to make more but it may take some time before we get back around to them so….  Consider these “get them while they’re available!”

OPTIONAL PLAYFIELD ADD-ONS:  For any playfield shipment, you may add any backglass, plastics set, and/or topper into the same Cart, and receive Bundle Discounts on those items!  They don’t even have to match the selected playfield(s) any more!  Take advantage of combined shipping, and save big compared to buying and shipping separately later on.  Discounts apply automatically in your Cart.