The Addams Family

$ 799.00$ 899.00

Artwork by  John Youssi, Original Williams Films

This is the leftover stock at the end of the Preorder and Waiting Lists being completely parsed, now available for general public purchase. Very surprisingly, a handful of gold-graded remain due to enough of the Waiting List not following through on their initial intent.  FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED at this point.  Quality grades described in detail below.

Produced on the best and most expensive gameboard woodstock in the hobby, this TAF run was exclusively printed using the original Williams artwork films. Not a digital redraw on this one. So every Youssi nuance in every pen stroke is there, exact to your original. We used exact lab-mixed colors for the inks on this one, dictated by the Pantone numbers noted by Youssi on his films, including the amazing hot (neon) orange, as specified. All inserts from original Chicago tooling.