Playboy Speaker Skin

$139.00 USD

   *** CPR Plastic Speaker Panel – Not a Decal! ***

Our new Custom Speaker Panels are not decals, they are printed on clear acrylic and Laser-Cut. They are designed to be attached to the existing Stern black wooden speaker panel using customer supplied double sided tape. Want to make it a non permanent mod, just leave our factory supplied  backer paper in place and you won’t damage the ink if you remove the speaker panel at a later date. 

Installation Instructions;

With the backglass removed to allow space. Apply double sided tape on the existing Stern wooden speaker panel. Sit the bottom on the skin on the existing trim piece that the existing wood speaker panel sits in, and from the bottom swing the new speaker skin up tight against the wood panel. Ideally there should be a small space at the top that is covered by the plastic glass channel when the backglass is placed back into the game.



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