Centaur Custom Mirrored Backglass

$289.00 USD$315.00 USD

The iconic Centaur backglass – with a TWIST !

The CPR version of this backglass has been pimped-up with our vision of mirroring!  Bally (sadly) did not mirror the Centaur backglass, but we always felt it could use a revision  Tasteful mirroring additions bedazzle this glass, by making all the studs glisten like chrome, and appropriate borders around the score windows.  See photo gallery for a diagram of where the mirror bits are located.

If you want a Centaur reproduction backglass of Original design, they are available at other vendor(s).  Sorry, we will not be offering the regular Centaur backglass.

Reproduction backglass produced on genuine tempered glass. Polished corners and edges. Silkscreened ink-mirroring.

Includes a custom made CPR-matched-thickness stainless steel liftbar & trim kit, by default – OR you may pick from a selection of powder-coated liftbar color choices.

Gorgeous replacement, finally get rid of that old chipped, crackled, or shedding original backglass.