Centaur Custom Mirrored Backglass

$269.00 USD

The iconic Centaur backglass – with a TWIST !

The CPR version of this backglass has been pimped-up with our vision of mirroring!  Bally (sadly) did not mirror the Centaur backglass, but we always felt it could use a revision  Tasteful mirroring additions bedazzle this glass, by making all the studs glisten like chrome, and appropriate borders around the score windows.  See photo gallery for a diagram of where the mirror bits are located.

If you want a Centaur reproduction backglass of Original design, they are available at other vendor(s).  Sorry, we will not be offering the regular Centaur backglass.

Genuine tempered glass (not a translite).  Polished corners and edges, ready for new trim and lift bar.