Centaur Playfield

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Short-Run Reproduction Playfields from CPR

Back again after years out of print !!   This masterpiece of fine-sketch artwork has always been virtually impossible to remaster as a re-drawn vectorized digital layout.  So for this run, we went back to the Bally original films and oldschool-silkscreened this batch, in real classic enamels.  The importance in artwork provenance for this title cannot be denied.  Check out the photo gallery.  You’ll see why.  Centaur playfields simply have to look a certain way – and only the original artwork and silkscreening was going to cut it for this one.   So many people have been requesting Centaur for so long, we finally revisited this title one more time.  Please note, silkscreening playfields will remain extremely rare here (if not possibly never again), so….  Consider these “get them while they’re available!”    We cannot promise repeated small re-batches like on all the other titles we produce.


OPTIONAL PLAYFIELD ADD-ONS:  For any playfield shipment, you may add any backglass, plastics set, and/or topper into the same Cart, and receive Bundle Discounts on those items!  They don’t even have to match the selected playfield(s) any more!  Take advantage of combined shipping, and save big compared to buying and shipping separately later on.  Discounts apply automatically in your Cart.

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