Black Knight Playfield Set

$1,249.00 USD

Short-Run Reproduction Playfields from CPR

Back available for the first time since 2008 !    It’s been a long long long time, hasn’t it?   Finally, Black Knight UPPER + LOWER playfield-pairs are back at CPR.   Brand new artwork transfer from the original films.  Depending on sales results, we’ll try to keep these in standard rotation from now on.


We have reproduced these sets using Williams starburst inserts.   While the original 1-inch round jeweled insert molds were actually found many years ago, the smaller rounds and the jeweled arrow molds could not be found.  Frankly, we think the starburst inserts look better anyway – just as they did in our first runs back in 2007 & 2008.  SOLD ONLY AS PAIRS.  5-layer polyeurethane clearcoated.  Complete gallery with close-ups for your consideration.  As with all our small-batch runs, consider these “get them while they’re available!”


OPTIONAL PLAYFIELD ADD-ONS:  For any playfield shipment, you may add any backglass, plastics set, and/or topper into the same Cart, and receive Bundle Discounts on those items!  They don’t even have to match the selected playfield(s) any more!  Take advantage of combined shipping, and save big compared to buying and shipping separately later on.  Discounts apply automatically in your Cart.

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