Space Invaders Backglass

$289.00 USD$315.00 USD

PLEASE NOTE: Reproduction backglasses use silkscreened “faux” ink mirroring, which is great enough to pass muster when mirroring is used for standard accents or borders… but for large areas of solid mirror such as on Space Invaders, please remember there is going to be a reflectivity difference compared to oldschool genuine acid-bath mirror of the 70’s and 80’s. This glass will definitely be welcome for many who have trashed or missing backglasses, as the hobby has had ZERO options up until now. Before buying, please take a look at the photo gallery to make sure you understand what the faux ink mirroring looks like. It’s good, but it’s not 100% true elemental silver.

Reproduction backglass produced on genuine tempered glass. Polished corners and edges.

Includes a custom made CPR-matched-thickness stainless steel liftbar & trim kit, by default – OR you may pick from a selection of powder-coated liftbar color choices.

Gorgeous replacement, finally get rid of that old chipped, crackled, or shedding original backglass.