Viking Custom Mirrored Backglass

$289.00 USD$315.00 USD

This is our custom mirrored version of the Viking backglass. Bally skipped mirroring on this glass – so we thought it deserved some extra treatment!  We added tasteful custom mirrored accents to the traditional Viking glass layout.  See the photo gallery for a diagram identifying the mirrored areas.

Reproduction backglass produced on genuine tempered glass. Polished corners and edges. Silkscreened ink-mirroring.

Includes a custom made CPR-matched-thickness stainless steel liftbar & trim kit, by default – OR you may pick from a selection of powder-coated liftbar color choices.

NOTE:  The overall color scheme you see in the main thumbnail IS what you get on this reproduction glass.  A ton of effort was made to source the best possible original artwork sample that preserved the ACTUAL ORIGINAL “belly of a wooden ship” color scheme of the original painting and Bally glass… which is a darker brown-based scene… NOT a lightened yellow/orange-based scene.   We did not repro this backglass based on the look of the 40 year old aged/lightened/washed look that most people have in their games today.  This reproduction is based on an NOS glass that had been stored for 40 years with zero exposure.  Take a look at the gallery pictures – showing a lab roof print. (left) of the final CPR master artwork (what is printed to the reproduction)… compared to the 40 year old NOS original (right).  Plus two outdoor pictures (front-lit and back-lit) of the non-mirrored version.  This reproduction glass backlights GORGEOUSLY and restores all the range and colors that you unknowingly had lost – with all the dynamic range, black levels, and restored tones that have suffered tremendously on many VIKING backglasses today… many people are used to a washed-out yellow/orange figment of what the original glass looked like 40 years ago.